A modern food packaging workflow

Introducing Zigloa, a game-changing platform designed to empower your food packaging team. We're currently in stealth mode but excited to bring you a solution that centralises information, streamlines processes, and ensures legislative compliance in the food packaging industry.

With Zigloa, you can tackle urgent projects, prevent costly mistakes, and enhance collaboration between design, food tech, marketing, and printers.

Stay ahead of the curve and be one of the first to experience the future of food packaging workflow management. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in learning more about Zigloa, or have any questions.


“We’d happily recommend Zigloa, to any food producer looking for an easy, cost-effective and reliable report when developing their packaging.”

Sue Wheeler

Category Quality Manager for Food

“Zigloa has been a fantastic platform for us to gather a set of product information, do the required compliance checks, share with multiple stakeholders – relaunching 50 products at once is not for the faint-hearted and Zigloa has been a great tool. Love the flexibility of the system.”

Hayley Fraser-Mackenzie